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An observation [Mar. 28th, 2004|12:42 pm]
Given that replies to anonymous posters arn't sent through e-mail, it does seem somewhat strange that some people who claim to be mad at me for reading their journals keep coming back to mine to see if anybody has replied to them.
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How Rude [Mar. 26th, 2004|06:11 am]
A man comes down from the mountains to interact with society, but finds everybody there wearing masks.

What sort of people come and make anonymous comments in somebody's journal, AND don't even say who they are?

That's why society is scary.
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Hello Cruel World! [Mar. 25th, 2004|02:47 pm]
So this is my first post. I probably won't be making very many of them, this is more to read about all the wild and wonderful and frightening things that are going on in the world around me.

You scare me. Its nothing personal, society scares me, you're probably part of society, thus you scare me.

I live up in the mountains (I'm not going to say which ones) I read you to get an understanding of the triteness of the world below.

Have a nice day!
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